Personal 2016 Insight

This is something I wrote on the last day of December 2016, I rarely read back on what I’ve written, but I may begin sharing more of my personal journey, internal and external.

As 2016 comes to an end in order to bring about fresh possibilities of a hope filled year, I can’t help but reflect on some of the things I have learned about myself and the word around me. I have come to know society as beautifully cruel and unusual. Humans are quite literally walking, talking and breathing contradictions and tend to believe any stories force fed to them, as long as their favorite news anchors are the storytellers. The beautiful part of this is how trusting we have the capability to be. I believe humans, like all other species, are both remarkable and cruel.

I believe the power of Mother Nature exceeding all other forces within the Earth, with it’s enlightening sunrises and grounding sunsets. I believe in the importance of fueling your body with what it needs and craves, not what your mind and advertisements tell you you’re craving. I believe in being kind to other beings, especially those who are very unkind to you. I believe in the good of everyone, even when they make decisions based around fear. I believe in feeling your feelings, especially when they manifest as sadness no matter how uncomfortable that makes you and others. I believe some of the most beautiful art, poetry and personal growth come out of dark, sad places. I believe we all need help, and all have the power to help each other. I believe in standing up for the voiceless and helping others in anyway you are able, even if that is just a smile. I believe in exploring, adventuring and asking questions. Examine everything you tolerate or don’t, and ask yourself why. I believe in the healing power of yoga, meditation and even just a few deep breaths. I believe that misery loves company, but so does happiness. I believe that making better decisions than I made yesterday will make the world a better place and we can begin to heal our planet. I believe in recreating myself every single day; and endlessly exploring how to love one another.

I simply believe, and that is enough


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