An Appointment with Death

DEATH The 5 letter word that grabs people by the throats and causes a world of perceived uncomfort. So subtle, yet so life changing for the living. Death can be heartbreaking, earth shattering and possibly the worst perceived experience of your life; But it can also be the greatest lesson you’ll ever learn and provide the utmost relief to it’s victims. It causes a dark cloak of sadness over life as we know it, although, there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel of grief, and awaiting will be a world of loss, love, happiness and fortune. A balancing act of emotions, circumstances and choices waiting for you to continue on living your life. Death might just be the ultimate lesson waiting to be learned and understood.


RIP to the greatest fur-babies and friends I’ve gotten the pleasure of knowing throughout my life. So fortunate to know each of these souls until old age. Bowser was 14, Nikki was almost 14, and Tiger was at least 18. If you become aware, your pets will teach you the best lessons in unconditional love.


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