The ultimate irony is allowing the objects you have consumed, to consume you. It costs you time and money to house, clean and eventually, downsize these items.

Where is the line?

Is the objective of this whole existence to use and enjoy items created and purchased without attachment; to not feel burdened or upset if these things were to be lost or stolen? To know wholeheartedly that you got the chance to enjoy them while they were for you, and in turn, once gone, to understand they no longer were meant for you?

I need to apply this theory to every department of my existence. Maximum happiness and success are a result when non attachment is achieved. Practice this by gifting friends and family items that once meant a lot to you by transforming the item into something else, whether that is repurposing it, painting it, sewing it, etc… that way they are receiving a gift that includes your time and presence, and you are practicing letting go.

Consume. Use. Reuse. Enjoy. Appreciate. Share. Let go. Repeat


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