Mindful Beginnings

This is the start of doing things a bit differently here. This platform will serve as my personal journal to remind myself how far I have grown and continue to grow and in turn, if I inspire anyone along the way, or am able to be a friendly reminder that you are not alone in your perceived issues or the games your mind plays, this will bring immense joy to my life.

No offense taken if it isn’t your ‘cup of tea’ but I will share all things personal growth, lifestyle, awareness of self and mind and the very fine line between it, awareness of health and wellness and small lifestyle changes that can cause a huge impact for the better of the whole… after all, we are all one.

Whether we work a day job or a night job, make a million dollars a month or five, are kind to others or not, we are still made up of the same things, and will take away from this life the same material things…nothing. None of it can come, only our love and what we have learned here, in this Earthly experience. No sooner will man kind evolve as a whole, until we all wake up to the reality that when we come together, we can make epic changes for the greater good. Once we realize that we ourselves, are not our circumstances, or our clothes, our mood, the neighborhood which we grew up, or even the decisions we make, then amazing shifts can begin to happen within ourselves, and within the world around us.

Everything is temporary, so enjoy the amazing moments the best you can, and remember the suffering will never last. 



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