What Is Life?

What Is Life?

IMG_4703 This question can be answered very simply by saying that the human body is made up of a combination of common elements including hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus, and a very small percentage of potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, and magnesium. All of these elements are crucial to living; But is this really what life is? Although we need all of these things to stay alive and conscious, the decisions we make everyday are what determines our quality of life and alive-ness if you will.

 I often ponder certain circumstances many are faced with: blindness, deafness and other so-called handicaps; and wonder why some, and not others. It could very easily be me that isn’t able to appreciate the sight of a beautiful view, or go on a long hike, hear the soothing sounds of birds in the early morning or even listen to a life changing piece of music. Is it because in a possible past-life, these are the things that someone took advantage of? Never gave thanks for, therefore they were born into a body that was deprived of one or all of these things? We all create each of our own, individual realities; this seems like a viable reason to me, so I vow to myself and the Universe to never take any of my abilities of my consciousness or my body for granted. Never take advantage of the fact that I live in a healthy, fully functioning human body.

I challenge you to reconsider yourself, your lifestyle, the choices you make every minute of everyday, the people you allow into your life that make an impact on your well-being, why you find importance in some things and not others and the reason why you do what you do. 

 There is far too much beauty in this life to be enjoyed to just exist and not see it. Just exist, coming and going in big resource-wasting vehicles, not considering better options for food, clothing and material objects.

 It is time to start living in a way that is healthier, kinder and more compassionate; this does not limit to humans mind you. We are apart of an ecosystem that thrives on the connection and cooperation of every living being that is apart of it. We are not independent beings, we survive only with the help of others, with the help of nature and the planet.

Independence would mean we break down all of our own waste, we build our own vehicles with materials that we have pieced together from nature, making our
own clothing, creating our own language which would then go without being understood by anyone else; but instead, we depend on others. We depend on living beings to break down landfill waste, we depend on others to pay us money to buy clothing that is made by others, vehicles built by others and food that had been planted and harvested by others. We live in homes someone else built, travel places on roads paved by someone else and even drink water that is supposed to be safe due to filtration by someone else.

 It would be ignorant and selfish to say that I am independent. The only thing independent about me is that I make my own choices. Choices that also affect others. I choose to eat food that fuels me, not non-food that creates disease. I choose to be kind to other people. I choose which perspective I want to see things in. I choose to recognize the suffering that is happening around me and to stand against it by choosing to live a vegan lifestyle. I choose to believe that every living being deserves an equal chance to live and also make choices that hopefully do not exploit others.

 I choose to be aware of everything; the love and the heartache because one does not exist without the other. It can be hard to feel sometimes when I feel helpless, but it is profound and amazing and there are no words to explain what a gift it is to choose happiness over it all. Having to feel the suffering of other beings, allows me to feel the happiness and love of others as well.

Life is give and take. Life is helping others, even if they have no way to pay it back. Life is rain in a drought. Life is sunshine in February. Life is feeling freedom and showing love and being love and just loving. Life is anything you want it be and the sky is most definitely not the limit. 


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