10 Reasons To Shop Local & Organic

I have compiled a small list of reasons why it’s best to consume locally and organically:

  1. You are likely supporting a small family business near your area
  2. You will receive the best and freshest produce, and likely everything was able to be ripened on the plant, instead of picked really early, before vital nutrients have the opportunity to fully develop; Therefore eating partially nutritious foods
  3. You will have more of an organic selection at farmer’s markets
  4. Farmer’s Markets are a great way to meet other people who also care about shopping local!
  5. You won’t be contributing to the mass production of food items
  6. By not shopping at big grocery stores, you will be much less tempted to buy non-food items packed with chemicals and processed sugar
  7. Shopping for your food at farmer’s markets often allows you to try the fruits and veggies before you buy
  8. You won’t contribute to the mass transportation resulting in immense amounts of emissions released into our environment
  9. By purchasing organic, you are encouraging farmers all over to grow organic and not use dangerous pesticides and herbicides.
  10. Last, but certainly not least, you will likely consume more fruits, vegetable and nuts, and less meat and animal products because, if you haven’t noticed already, grass-fed, organic animal products are very expensive. The less meat and dairy that is consumed, the better; For our health, for our environment, and for the suffering of beings.

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