Vegan Friendly Protein

One of the biggest concerns that people worry themselves with, especially those in the fitness industry, is where someone who lives a vegan lifestyle gets their protein. Not to worry; plants, seeds, nuts and legumes are more than enough to fuel the body and offer enough protein and fat that one’s body could ever need (even for athletes; and I have the proof HERE)

I believe that Mother Nature offers everything that every living being on this planet could ever possibly need without the need of suffering, exploitation and disease. There are so many other sources of protein, but nuts and seeds are an easy way to get extra protein from whole foods, that don’t require any cooking or prep.

I urge anyone who has been thinking about switching over to a plant-based diet to do some research of your own, you will find that it isn’t that daunting of a lifestyle change. All it takes is kindness and a willing to inform yourself.

I always recommend buying organic, and local when possible. 

Protein Content Per Ounce
             Protein Content Per Ounce



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