Welcoming Life’s Opportunities

 I never would have anticipated this is how I would be spending any amount of my time, ever: Online, blogging, researching, regurgitating my feelings for human connection, moving slowly but surely away from my once beloved career as a hairstylist. Well, it has happened, and I am here and I wouldn’t take any of it back. Life is a wild journey and the fact that some of us think we need to have it all mapped out and pre-planned is just preposterous.

   What if you spend 1600 hours of your life and $20,000 on a school that trains and gets you ready to make people beautiful, change people’s looks, and have exquisite customer service, and then you decide that maybe you actually want to be helping people on a much deeper level than you had ever thought possible? SO WHAT. It was only time, and only money, both of which are made up by mankind. Well, that’s my story, and although I have my days where I wished I started yoga at a younger age, or went to school to be trained in something else, or been nicer to my body long ago, I would never take any of my journey back because every single day I learned something about myself and about life.

   If we all could just take back certain experiences that we aren’t so proud of, we wouldn’t have the character we have today. Every choice you have made, whether you perceive it as good or bad, has built the loving, beautiful, miracle maker you are right this second! Sometimes we have to make less than ideal choices in order to learn, some don’t just learn from watching others experiences. When you let your ego go, you will see this truth. Until then, don’t sweat it so much! Life is meant to be enjoyed, so go explore, have fun and quit being so hard on yourself for decisions you’ve already made because guess what, it’s in the past and we mustn’t focus on the past. We must focus on this very moment in order to build our futures.

   The only decision that will ever matter is that you’re making a better choice today than you did yesterday. Just do the best you can, with the kindest of intentions and the Universe will answer with miracles. I’m living proof of this.

   Here I am, vulnerable, spilling personal thoughts throughout the Internet because I feel drawn to it, to you and I truly feel this is part of my calling; to let you know that we are in this together so never feel alone. I could quite possibly put myself in a situation where I would be making lots and lots of money doing hair, but that isn’t fulfilling for me or where I find importance and that’s okay. If you remain open, without expectations of what you think your life should look like by now, miracles WILL happen, opportunities that you never even thought were a possibility will appear and you just might become the happiest and most content that you’ve ever been, even when there’s no sight of what the future holds.

  I have a little secret: I’ll start by saying there is absolutely a difference between having goals, hopes and dreams, and having expectations. If you stop with the expectations of yourself and others, there is literally no chance of disappointment. So focus on your goals, on your dreams of what life could bring, and those things are bound to be drawn to you at the exact point you can handle them.

Sunsets/ Sunrises = Opportunity

 Love to all Beings

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