Ringing In The New Year

 Year after year, as time comes and goes, all I hope is that I have been consistently getting better with every step I take in life. Striving for this is healthy, however, lingering on the details of the past, the what ifs and the whys, will lead you in a dark direction. We must stay focused on our purpose and our values. I am still seeking my purpose, my Dharma in life, but I know if I continue to better myself, my mind, body and soul, and I show compassion to everyone, one day my Dharma will be revealed.

 It doesn’t take TV commercials, or reaching millions of followers on social media for great changes to occur in the world, we just all need to know that we as individuals make miracles happen. Every triumph, every world record, every impossible event started with a single movement. A single thought in the direction of something great can and will snowball into something much larger than just you or I.

 This is a reminder not only for you but for myself as well: We can make a difference, and we can make anything happen if we can think it, our history of equal rights and inventions prove it. 

I don’t believe in coincidences, but isn’t it strange how history seems to repeat itself; although there have been different species of animals, and countries have looked much different, and there certainly has been a shift in the plants and trees that grow or don’t…yet the one constant has been Mother Nature herself; molding and creating so that we can all live in harmony, yet we seem to exist to be at war. At war with other countries which are only separate because of water, at war with each other over politics and sports rivalries, and at war with ourselves, our minds and ego; our jealousy and greed. Mother Nature provides everything that any being that is meant to exist here, could ever possibly need…without the need for modification or genetic mutation. 

 When you sit down and plan your New Year’s Resolutions, I ask that you also incorporate compassion in your goals. To have compassion towards someone who is trying to bring you down is kind of a super power. It is seeing that person for what is really going on; is the reason they are being less than a desirable human being the cause of not having anyone in their life ever show them kindness or love? If this may be the case, which no one knows what everyone else has been through, that would be an awful existence. You may have the opportunity, when you come across any given human or animal alike, to be the one and only person that has and will ever show them what it’s like to have someone be kind to them. These small triumphs and awakenings, are what moves the world for the better.

Us humans have some pretty deep Karma to withstand, but if we act as one species, as friends, brothers and sisters, we form a team that can overcome and help make this a happier, more sustainable place to live. So smile at every passerby, Ask the homeless how their day is going instead of just tossing coins at them, love everyone more and know that you have more than enough time to be kind to others.

All of the world’s time exists in this very moment, what will you do with it?


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