Is to Have Lost, Really Losing at All?

Misplacing things on one hand, is absolutely to lose something. Clearly, you can’t remember where you have put it, and you didn’t give it to someone as a gift.

On the other hand, to lose someone, I am beginning to believe that you don’t really lose. You have won in the game of life, since that someone or companion meant so much to you that you feel a loss after their soul leaves their body. This isn’t a loss because you got to spend time with them here in this lifetime, and if you wish, you may meet them again, but not as you know them in this reality.

Although there are moments when sadness engulfs my very being and I can’t control my emotions, I am not convinced that I have lost. To lose something insinuates that it was a possession of yours, but we are taught not to possess, to let things and beings be, and enjoy them while we can. Always remember that our bodies wither away and our souls live on to experience love in every way possible.

Having people and companions close to you die, is one of the hardest, grandest lessons in love one will ever experience. It forces you to re-evaluate yourself, how much love you show others, how open you are or aren’t, and for some, shows great regrets. But one should never feel regretful, that is such a waste of time and energy. Just start where you are, if you have been a closed off person until today, start today showing kindness and love. Be more open, cry without holding back, adventure without regrets even if you spend all your money doing it. You just never know when your life lessons will be fulfilled, and your soul too will continue on and your journey here on Earth will come to an end.

  Life without love isn’t any life at all

 RIP Nikki 


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