Finding Your Truth and Living it

 I’ve began studying the Yamas and Niyamas, which are the ethical guidelines of living a yogic lifestyle. Really though, yoga aside, in my eyes these are guidelines that if followed, will bring happiness, stability, peacefulness and success in every way.
They set you up to be in alignment with the Universe. When the story of how things should go in your head, match up with the truth of what you actually practice, magical things can happen.We all have that friend that just seems to be utterly happy about everything, and seems that life just always goes their way. That’s no coincidence my friends, that person is living their uncensored truth. Telling lies to yourself and others, no matter how small, or even if it’s to ‘protect’ feelings, it is still a lie and it doesn’t match up with whats going on in your head. We all also have those days where nothing seems to be going our way; but are we seeking to understand the lesson in those days? When something seems to be going wrong, or we find suffering, there is always a lesson to be learned, and if we seek the lesson, maybe we come out of suffering faster.Deborah Adele states in her book The Yamas and Niyamas that “the fluidity of truth requires that we clean our lens, and periodically get new glasses with which to observe the world”
This couldn’t possibly hit home for me in a more profound way. Truth for an individual is always evolving but we must let it. What was truth for us last year even, may not be true for us now. As each day passes, hopefully, our eyes open to the truth of the world, whether we perceive these truths as good or bad. We wouldn’t see things as good if the bad didn’t exist. So let’s change our thinking from “this is a good or bad thing” to “this is”. We will be much calmer in our reactions that way if we never had to react to an event that we think is ‘bad’. 100% of the time how we react to circumstances measures our level of success / happiness / feeling of fulfillment.

Just one year ago, I was contributing to so much suffering and had very little idea. Having stopped eating animals for nutrients, and gaining the realization that Mother Earth provides us with any and all nutrition our bodies could possibly need with plants that regenerate, my awareness now grows every single day, if not every moment.
I feel the suffering of the meat and dairy cows as I drive up and down the I-5 freeway and see them crammed into small spaces. I feel the suffering and heaviness of the animals in big rigs being transported for slaughter. I feel the level of uncomfort when this subject gets brought up in front of someone who enjoys hamburgers and bacon. I feel the pain of passersby, mostly I don’t know the reason, but the energy, I feel it. I feel the anger people have with themselves when they don’t feel adequate.
 I am an empath, and I would never trade it in because, even though a lot of suffering is felt, I also feel the joy of a friend when they have a breakthrough in life, or when they get that job that they didn’t know they deserved. When people find their inner beauty, I feel that too. The excitement of being able to travel or go on adventures within others, that’s what feeds my soul, seeing other people happy, and seeing life for what it is: A great, magical, adventurous learning experience.
When we all start living our truths, when what we think matches what we do, there will be world happiness. When we have world happiness, that will bring peace; when everyone becomes peaceful, what do we have left to fight or create wars about? What is left to be stressed about?

 We are suffering because of the choices we make:
-Having to go to that job we hate
-Having to go here or there for the Holidays
-Having to pay those bills
-Having to wake up early
-Having to keep up with a lie that we’ve told      


 All of these things are choices we make daily. If there’s something that’s making you unhappy, choose to do something differently or choose to stop doing it.
When we walk around this planet with our minds out of the present moment seeking fulfillment in things that could go away or places that we may not have the money to see right now, we will get to a point where we will look back and finally see the opportunities that were in front of us all along. But don’t be hard on yourself for it, you can start at any moment. Every moment cells are regenerating, and so can we as a whole.
When we start realizing that in order to get where we are supposed to be, we have to let go and trust in life and trust in ourselves. Don’t become so attached to an idea, a place to move, a place NOT to move, what job you want because guess what; Every person that has found happiness within, is most likely not in the same place that they would have anticipated.

Life is magical, there are things happening inside and around us that are keeping us alive that most of us don’t even acknowledge. Our hearts beating, blood flowing, digestion, breath…Have you thought about any of these things lately? It’s nothing short of magical and we all need to give thanks for these things everyday.

The first step to recovery from suffering, is admittance to suffering, and acknowledging the things that are causing it, and making a conscious decision to do something differently.
Remember, we all cast our projections onto others, so let those projections be Love, Truthfulness, Contentment, and Joy. 
Live your life the way you want to as long as no harm is being done.

Love to all Beings


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