I seek to empower you spiritually, mentally and physically by sharing helpful reminders, overcomings, healthy plant-based recipes and personal experiences. I intend to touch on trials and errors within my personal journey and how different practices of meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and healthy eating can impact your life.

jungle-swingI want to inspire you to re-evaluate the choices you make today, for a better tomorrow.

-Please consult with your health-care physician before taking nutrition and life advice from my personal experiences. None of the info provided is intended to be used in place of a diagnosis by a licensed physician.-

2 thoughts on “Intentions

  1. Are you interested in helping only women or anyone? I’m just curious and truly understand whichever you answer.
    Thanks for your time and God Bless you!


    1. Hi Rob, I like to share my personal journey triumphs and hardships alike. It doesn’t make any difference if I end up inspiring a male or female, our gender has nothing to do with who we are inspired by. I just hope that I somehow can empower others to think a little more and enjoy life a little more while I share how I do so myself. If not, then maybe others enjoy my storytelling.


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